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The Suffering 2018


Elite/Competitive/Masters 35+

Spartan Fitness WOD 2

In 6 minutes

Partner 1:  2RM Hang Snatch

Partner 2:  2RM Hang Snatch



Score = combined Total Weight.

Upon completion of the 10 minute time cap for WOD 1, Athletes will remain on the floor and Rest an additional 1 minute.

WOD 2 begins at the 11 minute mark on the clock.

Partners have 6 minutes to each find a heavy set of 2 Hang Snatches.

Partners must share just one barbell and may complete their lifts in any order.

Partners may assist each other with adding weights.

Women will have a 35# barbell. Men will have a 45# barbell.

All lanes will have the following weights available:

2 x 45, 2 x 25, 2 x 15, 2 x 10, 2 x 5, 2 x 2.5.

Early completion of WOD 1 earns the team more rest before beginning WOD 2.

Athletes may begin loading their barbell at any point after completing WOD 1 but may not begin lifting until minute 11:00 on the clock.

Athletes must confirm the total weight for each attempt with their judge.

*Athletes, in the interest of keeping our event on time and orderly, please assist the equipment crew in the unloading of your barbells once time expires.



2RM Hang Snatch

Hang Power Snatch, Hang Squat Snatch or Hang Split Snatch are all acceptable. 

Before beginning the 2 Rep attempt, the athlete must deadlift the bar to the hips with a clear pause before attempting the Hang Snatch. For the 2nd rep, the barbell must return from overhead to the athlete’s hips and must not return to the floor. If the barbell touches the floor between repetitions, it is invalid and an unsuccessful 2RM attempt. Two successive reps are required and a single repetition will not count towards score.

The repetition begins with the barbell in the hang position at the athletes hips and the athlete holding the bar with fully extended arms. At completion of the repetition, the athlete must stand tall with knees, hips and shoulders in a visible straight line. The barbell will be held overhead with both arms fully extended. The barbell will be locked out over the athlete’s midline and both feet will be in line and under the athlete’s body.

During the hang portion of the lift the barbell must not travel below the athlete’s knees.

If at any point during upward travel of the barbell, the bar changes direction, pauses at the shoulder or if the athlete begins pressing the bar before it is over their head, it is considered an unsuccessful lift and a no rep.

The Hang Clean & Jerk will not be permitted.


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