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    The Suffering – 2020

    The Suffering – 2020



    Registration was Live at 12pm on January 26th and we SOLD OUT in just 4.5 Days!!!

    72 Teams and 216 Athletes are ready to Throw Down on May 30th!

    Stay tuned for more info including WOD announcements, standards and more! Let’s do this!!! 🔥


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    TEAMS of 3!
    Three Men or Thee Women (Any Age Combination)
    Two Divisions: Elite & Competitive


    👊 The Suffering is back!!!
    After a short hiatus in 2019, we are excited to announce a new event, with a new format, being held at Maritime CrossFit on May 30th, 2020! Teams of 3 Men or 3 Women will throw down at a one-day event competing in two divisions. Team members can be any age combination, just choose the division that matches your skills! Divisions are “Elite” and “Competitive”. There will not be a separate Masters division for this event.

    When selecting which division is appropriate for your team, consider that not every team member needs to have every skill or ability. As in past years, most of The Suffering WODs allow work to be shared. This format allows teammates to play off each other’s skill sets for best team performance. Rather than post specific weights and expected minimum standards for each division, read through the descriptions below to make your choice.


    👊 Elite Division:
    If choosing this division your team most likely consists of seasoned competitors. There are not too many movements you can’t do and heavy barbell work tends to get you excited. When it gets really heavy… well… you get the idea. The boys in this division like to be called “Big Dawgs” and for the ladies in this group, being called “A Beast” is a compliment.


    👊 Competitive Division:
    If signing up for this division think of it like the CrossFit Games Open. Will you be challenged? Definitely! Will you have a ton of fun? Absolutely! As noted above, not all team members need to have every skill or heavy lifting ability. If by chance your team needs to scale a movement, there will be a scoring adjustment available. The Competitive Division will be…. well… Competitive! If signing up here you love the adrenaline of competition and you’re accepting that you might be slightly out of your comfort zone. Most of all though… you just want to have a kick-ass day sweating it out with your teammates!


    👊 Judging:
    These events are not possible without the help of Judges and Volunteers. When you are on the floor competing, you’ll have a judge with you that took time out of their day just for you. Pay it forward. Return the favour and sign up as a judge too! (Register to Judge or Volunteer)


    👊 72 spots are available.
    If the event sells out, a waitlist will not be managed. If your team cannot attend, you are responsible to sell your spot and advise us of your replacement. No refunds will be issued.


    👊 All three participants on your team must sign a printed waiver and present it at registration prior to the competition. Waivers will be issued to the team captain by email.


    Register Here!

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