• Sun 17FEB 2019
    The MCF Open!

    The MCF Open!

    Updated Feb 17th.

    The Open is Here!

    Who’s ready to have some fun?

    This year there will actually be two Opens. Yes two of them! One beginning and less than a week and one in October. Each Open is 5 weeks long with a new workout announced each week to test the fitness of Crossfitters all over the world! Our annual celebration of Fitness has changed for 2019 and the CrossFit Games is in a transition year. Going forward there will no longer be Regional Events after the Open. Instead, many existing annual competitions around the world have partnered with CrossFit to become sanctioned events providing a ticket to the CrossFit Games for high level competitive athletes. In October, the change will allow the Open to become the official beginning of the 2020 CrossFit Games season.

    We will now hold our Open WODs on Fridays in all classes over the next 5 weeks. This change from the original plan of Saturday mornings will better suit our community and get more of you involved! The workout of the day on Friday will be the Open WOD which is released at 9pm on Thursday nights. We’ll run heats through our Friday classes and cheer each other on! Whether you are competing on the worldwide leaderboard or challenging yourself within our own MCF Community, the Open is an opportunity for everyone! Rx, Scaled and modified versions of the WODs will be available. It’s less than a week away so let’s ramp up the excitement for the next 5 weeks!
    If interested in competing on the worldwide leaderboard you can sign up at games.crossfit.com. For those interested in a little friendly in-house competition, SugarWOD will be your leaderboard. Let’s fill up those Friday classes! Let’s Play!

    Why you should do The Open:

    The Open is for each and every one of you at every fitness level. It’s an opportunity to come together as a community, push yourself, challenge your abilities and cheer each other on towards your own version of greatness.

    • The workouts are posted with Rx and Scaled options. They are measurable, observable and repeatable.
    • Everyone is held accountable to the same judging standards to keep things accountable for all movements.
    • It’s friendly competition! If you’ve never participated in a competition before the feeling of testing your fitness with others is empowering!
    • It’s you against you… but taking it on with your friends!
    • The atmosphere and support through the Open each year at MCF always creates a special environment that you don’t want to miss. We always experience a lot of “firsts” and PRs in the Open. Don’t miss out!

    Everyone should do the Open, even if it’s just for fun. Even if you’re new to CrossFit, even if you’re the world’s most average exerciser. THIS IS FOR ALL LEVELS! You should sign up to compete with your community, to work hard and have a ton of fun in the process!

    For those interested, you can sign up at games.crossfit.com, join the worldwide leaderboard, compete for the next level in your age category and see where you rank related to others. Not interested in “officially” signing up for The Open? No problem at all. Let’s do this MCF!

    Cheers gang! The Open is upon us!  😀 

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