Hi, my name is Veronique and I would like to share my fitness journey with you. Growing up my weight and physical fitness had always been a challenge for me up until the day my scale read 227lbs. On this day I decided to take my life and health in hand and make some changes to my well being and lifestyle. I began by modifying my diet. I didn`t want to follow the latest diets trends and fall to the effect of “yo-yo” diets so while improving my overall eating habits I introduced daily physical fitness. Together my weight started to diminish until I lost 60 lbs! Unfortunately, I had reached a plateau and I was unable to achieve any further losses. Although I consistently exercised at the local Health Club, reduced my food portions I could not get that number on the scale to go down.

Discouraged I began to lose interest in going to the Health Club and working out in general until my good friend Chantal L talked to me about Maritime CrossFit. I was very intimidated at first because I felt I was not in shape enough however the great coaching staff at MCF were so professional and provided me with the care and confidence to tackle those WODs and maintain proper lifting techniques. They make you feel part of the community and make every effort to get to know you from day one! At MCF you are never left aside as members support other members and the coaches are always there when you need them to provide tips or cheer you to keep going.

My goal when I joined Maritime CrossFit was to see that number on the scale drop, it did, another 9lbs. The biggest changes were in my overall physical appearance, I found myself with more muscle mass and overall physical fitness that I never thought I would be able to achieve. After 2 years at MCF my results are no longer measured on a weight scale, they are measured in the goals that I set for myself in which I have been able to achieve. Those goals went from doing double-unders, toes to bar, 24” box jumps to hitting PR’s with various lifts being able to push more weight than I ever thought possible. With the support of Coach Johnny I entered in local CrossFit competitions, although I didn`t have a podium finish I still felt as I had won as those event took me out of my comfort zone and showed me the progress I have made in my physical fitness these past few years.

On my spare time I find myself at MCF working hard at getting fitter, faster and stronger. CrossFit is more than a sport or exercise routine, it`s a way of living and a place to find new friendships. Thanks to all the coached at MCF to making me the athlete that I am today!!!

—– Veronique Richard, Nurse, Georges Dumont —–


I joined Maritime Crossfit in October 2015, after 3 years at another local box, and have never looked back. Day one I was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm not just from the coaches, but from the other members.  The feeling of camaraderie is truly incredible, and sets Maritime Crossfit apart.

The coaching is by far, the best I have ever received.  Each coach brings their own personal style to the role, but it is evident that they have all been trained with the same high standards,  and that only the best will be awarded a coaching role at Maritime Crossfit.

I have a high pressure and high stress job, and have come to realize that Maritime Crossfit is my mental health sanctuary.  After long days in the office, to be greeted by coaches who all care about me as an athlete and a human being, drives me to want to push myself even harder.

CrossFit has helped me gain confidence in my career as well.  When I have a high pressure presentation or proposal to deliver, I think about the WOD’s I have pushed through, and tell myself that nothing else I will face in my job that day, could be tougher than the WOD I pushed through the day before.

My long term goal in CrossFit is to continue to develop and learn new skills, and to push myself even harder.  CrossFit has given me a new perspective on health, aging, fitness, and even friendship.  Some of the strongest friendships I have made have been through pushing one another to finish that last rep, lift that last bar, and celebrate the end of a tough WOD together.

—– Lisa Pooley, Director, Rogers —–

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