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    Taking CrossFit on the Road

    by MCF Trainer, Meghan Rossiter


    We register for classes, show up and do the work. For most of us this is part of our daily routine and without it, a normal day suddenly doesn’t feel so normal. For some, getting in a Workout of the Day (or WOD) is something that quickly becomes a struggle outside the walls of Maritime Crossfit. Having access to specific equipment, knowledgeable coaches, encouraging peers, and more than anything, having something that makes us feel accountable – these are some of the core elements to Crossfit that keep us coming back to Maritime Crossfit day in and day out. Frankly, even taking a necessary rest day is a serious struggle for some. But what happens when life takes you away from the gym, be it for family vacation, travel for work or some unforeseen circumstance?


    Don’t limit your daily fitness to the four walls in the gym.


    My job requires me to travel frequently, sometimes to new cities without a Crossfit affiliate and often with a jampacked schedule that really limits the “free” time I justify needing to get a workout in. Being on the road usually means getting meals in at inopportune times (or sometimes not at all) and at some not-so-nice establishments. Depending on your job or destination, you might be on your feet a lot, losing hours of sleep or find yourself planted on your posterior for most of the day. If you’re anything like me, all of these factors and circumstances usually lead to a justification as to why you “can’t” get in a daily WOD.


    Use the circumstances as motivation, NOT justification.


    The amazing thing about Crossfit is the exact pillars its founded on: constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains. The definition itself mentions nothing about a facility, equipment, coaches or peers (while all very great things to have and we highly recommend!). It doesn’t tell you to set a clock or that you need oly shoes or gymnastic grips to workout. It doesn’t layout instructions for a group warm-up or program accessory work. But what it does provide is a solid framework to getting your fitness in. Anywhere. Think – constantly varied functional movements (push, pull, squat, jump, etc.), and broad modal domains (accuracy, agility, balance, coordination, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility, power, strength, speed and stamina) – you can get and do this anywhere. Just toss in the intensity piece and you have yourself a workout.


    Use your imagination, experience and whatever time/place you can find.


    Staying in a hotel? Great! They probably have a gym. Equipment might be limited to a treadmill and dumbbells (you know where this is going…), but you can always work with whatever you have. Don’t have a gym? PERFECT. Clear enough space to do a burpee, air squat, and push up in your hotel room. On layover in the airport with nothing to do? SWEET! Pick up your carry-on and do 100 weighted squats, maybe tossing in some weighted step-ups on a bench. If you really want to get some public attention, pump out some push-ups (see that wall over there? Do them inverted!) and burpees.


    Quick tips!

    • Check out the MCF website – every workout can be modified and movements can be substituted. Message one of the coaches if you need a hand figuring something out and share your results on the blog!
    • Pack smaller equipment – I always bring my skipping rope when travelling as it’s small and easy to pack. I suggest never leaving home without a pair of workout sneakers. HINT: leave the olys at home …you can always lift in your nanos/metcons and forget the knee sleeves, lifting belts and any other gear you dazzle yourself up with at the gym.
    • Look around – These are endless possibilities of things you can use for a workout. Does your hotel room have a chair with a footstool? Great! Use it for box jumps/step-ups, elevated pushups or dips. Out for a walk and see a decent sized stick or log? Use it for Front or Overhead Squats.
    • Make the time – It’s been a long day, your feet hurt and you’re exhausted. Last thing you want to do is get changed and find the gym or go for a run. No sweat! Pump out 100 burpees for time, or jimmy up a quick 7 min AMRAP with 3 movements. The possibilities are endless, just remember it’s all about intensity!
    • Keep a positive mindset – “Wow, I regret that workout!” – Said no one ever. There’s so much truth to this, and it applies to any kind of fitness, anywhere. So, buckle down and hold yourself accountable, as you’ll love yourself more for it after.


    Get Started!

    Here’s a short list of resources that outline some suggested WODs for the road:

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