• Wed 02JAN 2019
    Welcome to SugarWOD!

    Welcome to SugarWOD!


    Hey Everyone! Exciting times ahead for our Maritime CrossFit community as we move our programming and daily online interactions over to a personal tracking app called SugarWOD!


    Going forward, this website blog will no longer contain a Daily WOD post. You can find the workout here on the website by clicking the “WODs” button on the lower right of the screen. We have switched our programming over to SugarWOD and all members are encouraged to download the app and join the Maritime CrossFit community. This blog will be used for news and events and then linked to your SugarWOD app to ensure everyone sees the latest updates. Also, repeat WODs will be linked from the website to the app so you can quickly see your past results.


    SugarWOD is an Official CrossFit App and an incredible workout tracking platform that allows us to record scores, see the gym whiteboard, view past PR’s, celebrate new ones and easily track our progress!


    SugarWOD is a personal tracking tool and a social network for our MCF Community. Get on the app now to learn the ins and outs, friend request each other, log your daily results and start commenting and “fist bumping”! On the app you’ll still be able to see the following day’s program starting at 8:00pm by scrolling forward to the next day.


    It’s an exciting time for our community and a new way to connect with each other when not at the gym or attending the same classes. The power of SugarWOD for MCF is dependant on all of you to get involved, interact and support one another for every success. Let’s get on board and make our community even stronger!


    For more information about SugarWOD please review the links below…



    FAQs and How To:


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