• Thu 24JAN 2019
    Rowing Clinic

    Rowing Clinic

    Rowing Clinic with Taylor Thorburn

    February 10th, 2019 – 12:00pm to 2:00pm

    Limited to 20 Participants. Non-members welcome!

    $20.00 +tax.

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    Rowing Clinic Overview

    •Grip and Handle
    •Resitance and Drag Factor
    •Foot Position
    •Stroke Rate/Split


    Basics of the Stroke:
    •Starting at the catch – body positioning
    •The drive – where are you focusing your strength
    •Setting up at the finish
    •Setting up for next stroke in recovery
    •Cadence and Bounce
    •The Catch
    •Spine angle
    •Stroke Ratio – Drive vs. Recovery
    •Changing Split vs Stroke Rate


    Practice and Teaching:
    •Group practice and review.
    •Cutting the cake and pausing exercise.


    Race Starts:
    •Distances and strategies


    Pyramid Exercise:
    •Learning how to control your split and stroke rate
    •What is a comfortable split for everyone?


    2,000m Row for time.


    About your Instructor
    My name is Taylor Thorburn, and I hope to teach you everything you didn’t know you needed to know about rowing in my upcoming clinic. My experience with rowing starts back in high school when I first learned how to row on Kennebecasis Valley High’s rowing team based out of the Kennebecasis rowing club. From there I moved onto rowing for KRC’s competitive team as well as coaching KVHS’s rowing team for 3 years. During my time rowing/coaching I had the opportunity to be mentored by many seasoned rowers and I hope to bestow some of their teachings on anyone who wishes to attend this clinic. Rowing is a sport where the proper technique is not innate. When using the improper form you are expending more energy than you need to and you’re at a higher risk for injury. In this clinic I will teach you about proper form, starting with body positioning at each part of the stroke, and exercises that will help you practice proper form. We will also go over race starts, how to control your stroke rate, and the whole time I will give out pointers on how you can improve your stroke.


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