The aim of the OnRamp Program is to learn the fundamental movements of our CrossFit classes and to work on skill development for each individual. We prepare you to enter the CrossFit classes knowing that you can confidently carry out the movements safely and efficiently.


In addition to our foundational barbell movements, we will also be teaching you Rowing technique, Kettlebells, Box Jumps, Medicine Balls and Skipping along with various other plyometric, gymnastics and conditioning exercises which are part of our program.


Each OnRamp session will start with a Coach led warm-up and mobility work. We then move into our programmed skills with a focus on Technique ahead of Intensity. With a foundation of proper mechanics, we ease you into our program at a proper intensity relative to the individual. Each session wraps up with a Workout of the Day which allows you to experience how our workouts will feel in class.


Upon completion of the OnRamp program, new members are then free to join our regular CrossFit classes. The OnRamp program is just the start of your CrossFit journey. With the foundation to grow with our program over time, new members will continue to learn new things along with the help of our Coaching Team in our class setting.


The needs of each individual vary but typically new members begin with a minimum of 3 OnRamp Sessions prior to joining our regular classes. Most often these are completed one-on-one with a Trainer scheduled at your convenience. However, we do occasionally host semi-private and group OnRamps.


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