• Thu 10OCT 2019
    Friday Night Lights!

    Friday Night Lights!

    The 2020 CrossFit Games Open begins on October 10th and runs for 5 weeks until November 11th.


    Each week on Friday Night, Maritime CrossFit will be hosting “Friday Night Lights” as we take on the Open workout. We have title sponsors for each week, countless door prizes from other sponsors and a plan for tons of fun! You need to be there to get in on the prizes. Bring your family and friends to cheer you on too! The night will end with a social.


    Don’t miss it!

    Celebrate your fitness!

    It’s all about Community!

    4:30pm – 7:30pm.



    The 6:00am, 7:00am, 8:30am and 12:00pm Classes will all be doing the Open workout on Fridays. However, the real excitement is on Friday Nights starting at 4:30pm. If doing the workout in the earlier sessions, be sure to join us in the evening to cheer everyone on!

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