• Mon 21AUG 2017
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    Taking CrossFit on the Road

    by MCF Trainer, Meghan Rossiter   We register for classes, show up and do the work. For most of us this is part of our daily routine and without it, a normal day suddenly doesn’t feel so normal. For some, getting in a Workout of the Day (or WOD) is something that quickly becomes a

  • Mon 17JUL 2017

    Chasing Rx

    Today in class we did not post an “Rx” next to any scores on the whiteboard. It was an experiment to shift the focus on the intent of the WOD and in turn your overall health, wellness and longevity. Through CrossFit and proper nutrition, your overall fitness, health and wellbeing can continually improve. We are able

  • Sun 22NOV 2015

    2015 Holiday Season

    Within our walls we have a Strong Community of caring, giving individuals always ready to support each other on a daily basis in our quest for Health & Fitness. This giving spirit carries over to the much larger Community outside of our gym.  Maritime CrossFit continues to strive to be an integral part of the

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