Maritime CrossFit is hiring!

We are looking for an energetic and passionate CrossFit Trainer to fill a Part-Time coaching position for 10 to 15 Group Classes per week with additional hours possible with Personal Training clients.


As a Part Time Trainer at MCF, you will provide outstanding training, build relationships and continually help our clients improve. You will be a brand ambassador of Maritime CrossFit but also to CrossFit as a training methodology. You understand the benefits of CrossFit and how it can be adapted to any individual. Through your own experience and personal growth, CrossFit has given you the opportunity to assist others who benefit from your passion. You have earned the respect and trust of those you train and you are ready to take that experience to the next level.


Current Training & Experience:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer or CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • Previous CrossFit Coaching Experience with up to 6 months or more of Group Class Training.
  • Previous Coaching Experience with Private and Semi-Private Training Clients.
  • Certifications and Experience with some or all of the following:
    • Gymnastics / Weightlifting / Powerlifting / Endurance / Nutrition / Kettlebell / CPR-First Aid


Personal Characteristics:

  • You have a Passion for helping others achieve success.
  • You have the Personality required to make each hour you coach the best hour of the day for every member in your class.
  • As a brand ambassador for Maritime CrossFit, you will constantly look for ways to improve the overall member experience.
  • You are full of Initiative and will always ensure the facility meets the expectations of our members.
  • You are Adaptable to a flexible work schedule including early morning shifts.
  • Your Positive Attitude shines bright on those around you.
  • You Own each hour on the floor and you are Invested in our members overall success and retention.
  • Mechanics – Consistency – Intensity. You understand the meaning of these three words and strive to ensure the safety of every athlete you coach.
  • Your experience has given you the ability to modify and adapt movements for each athlete as required to ensure the expected stimulus is achieved for any program you deliver.


Specific Roles

As a Maritime CrossFit Trainer you will be expected to perform the following:

  • Keyholder for Opening and Closing as required.
  • Deliver our daily programming and personal training programs.
  • Operate our Zen Planner administrative system.
  • Retail Sales as required.
  • Assist in maintaining cleanliness and organization of our facility.
  • Assist in facility and equipment maintenance.
  • Design and deliver effective group warm-up and mobility exercises specific to the daily programming.
  • Develop and maintain professional relationships with clients.
  • Participate and contribute to staff meetings and staff education events.
  • Actively engage in professional development and continuing education.
  • Promote and exemplify principles of Maritime CrossFit.
  • Perform other job duties that may arise or are deemed necessary by management.


Required Training

Regardless of previous experience, the successful candidate will complete an on-boarding Mentorship Program to learn the systems and processes of Maritime CrossFit as we strive to remain consistent in our training methods and communication across our entire coaching staff.


Interested in Applying?

We’d love to hear from you!

Prepare a Resume and Cover Letter outlining your experience and how you meet the requirements of the role. Submit your application by email to Jeff Perry at with the subject line, “Part-Time Trainer Application”. Files may be submitted in .pdf or .doc format.



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