• Sun 22NOV 2015

    2015 Holiday Season

    Within our walls we have a Strong Community of caring, giving individuals always ready to support each other on a daily basis in our quest for Health & Fitness. This giving spirit carries over to the much larger Community outside of our gym.  Maritime CrossFit continues to strive to be an integral part of the Greater Moncton Community and to support the development of strong, healthy and happy individuals and families. To do so, MCF will be supporting a number of organizations during this upcoming Holiday Season!


    We are looking to give back in a big way! Large Bins have been set up at MCF ready to receive your Donations to those in need.  As well, a small box has been placed in the office for your Monetary Donations.  A huge THANK YOU goes out to our MCF Community Committee for organizing these initiatives!


    In particular, the MCF “family” is looking to help families and individuals in need by offering support through a number of small initiatives – including a clothing drive for the Humanity Project, and directly supporting families through the Headstart Christmas Aid program and accepting monetary donations to be given to a few “sponsored” families.


    Also, please let us know if you know of families that would benefit from a little extra help this Holiday season, we would welcome suggestions.


    Read more about each project below…


    Humanity Project

    The Humanity Project was founded in 2014 by a local Moncton resident, Charlie Burrell, out of frustration that little to no support was available for the homeless in our area. He enlisted the help of his family and friends to start building winter survival packs, which has since grown receiving donations from across Canada. The Humanity Project has also expanded its activities to include supporting individuals to find housing.

    MCF will be hosting a winter clothing drive to support their efforts. Here are some items desperately needed:

    * Warm sweaters

    * Socks

    * Gloves, hats & scarves

    * Coats

    * Any other winter items


    MCF Supporting Families

    The Holiday season can be a very difficult for thousands of families in the Greater Moncton area. As a large and active community, MCF will be accepting monetary donations (or gift cards, toys, etc) until late December to help support a few families in our area.

    Also, for those looking to provide more “hands-on” support, MCF members can also help with the Moncton Headstart Christmas Aid program by helping to deliver boxes on December 22nd. As well, interested members can drop-off non-perishable food items at the gym. 


    Sponsoring a Family in Need

    So far, MCF has chosen one family in need to support this Holiday Season.  It is a Single Father and his 5 year old Son that are struggling to meet their needs.  If at all possible we are looking for donations of the following items…

    * Sofa (Living room set)
    * Bookshelves
    * Microwave Stand
    * Deep Freezer (Apt. size)
    * Lamps
    * Glasses and Dishes
    * Pots and Pans
    * Curtains and Rods (2 Standard, Bay Window)
    * Clothes (Size 5)
    * Winter Boots (Size 12)
    * Pants (34 x 32)
    * Toques (Hats)
    * Gloves
    * Mittons (Size 12 Kids)
    * Christmas Tree Skirt
    * Two (2) Christmas Stockings
    * Food (Christmas)
    * Christmas Gifts



    For more info or questions please email us at info@maritimecrossfit.com

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