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  • 18DEC
    Hornet’s Nest

    Hornet’s Nest

    Get your Christmas Shopping done at MCF!  Lots of swag available!   Warm-up: Coach’s Choice   Skill: Strict Pull-ups Kipping Pull-ups   WOD: “Hornet’s Nest” 7 Rounds In 2 minutes complete: 10 KBS (70/53) 12 Pull-ups Max Burpees in remaining time. *Rest 1 min between rounds. Score is total burpees.   Clock is set for

  • 17DEC
    Test Day

    Test Day

    First Half of Class: Group Shoulder Mobility and Warm-up. Shoulder Press – 1RM   Second Half of Class: Group Squat Mobility and Warm-up. Back Squat – 1RM    

  • 16DEC
    James & the Giant Peach

    James & the Giant Peach

    Warm-up: Individual Warm-up. Meet your coach no later than 10 minutes into Class.   Strength: Deadlift – 1RM   WOD: “James & the Giant Peach” 5 Rounds 5 Deadlifts (315/225) 10 HSPU 30 Double Unders   Cashout: 3 minute recovery Row

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